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NZBOX has over 50 years of combined experience in shipping container sales in New Zealand. Having sold containers to individuals and large businesses we have a strong understanding of our customers’ needs and know which containers are best suited for the given job.

NZBOX stocks all major types of containers as well as specialised containers such as office, lunchroom, dangerous goods, open top, reefer, side opening and more. Most of these containers also come in a range of sizes. NZBOX have shipping containers to suit any environment and site size,  including 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 9ft, 10ft, 20ft and 40ft boxes. Our shipping containers are perfect for safe and secure personal storage, commercial storage, cargo, freight, transport, relocations and modification.

We have strategically placed container depots nationwide enabling us to deliver and process container sales in NZ, no matter where you are. If you’re interested in buying a solid shipping container from a trusted Kiwi company, get in touch with us today and we’ll talk you through it!

10ft container from NZBOX

6ft Container

The 6ft container is our smallest container perfect for smaller sites, or building sites in between floors or when you just don’t require the capacity of a full shipping container. Ventilated and weather tight, they have a lockbox for added peace of mind.

10ft container from NZBOX

7ft Container

One of the most compact size in the NZBOX catalogue, these smaller, space efficient boxes offer a safe and secure storage option for properties and sites where space is limited. Truly brand new, they arrive within another box ensuring minimal en route wear and tear.

8ft container from NZBOX

8ft Container

8ft Containers are one of the smallest sized shipping containers available and one that is perfect for the safe and secure transport and storage of smaller items and goods. Perfect for garden sheds or where space is tight, and yet still allowing for standing room within.

20ft Container from NZBOX

9ft Container

Arriving into NZ within a 10′ High Cube, the NZBOX 9ft Containers stand almost as tall as a standard height container, with an internal height of over 2.3m, and yet offering a smaller footprint allowing for placement into smaller yards or building sites.

10ft container from NZBOX

10ft Container

10ft Containers are a popular choice for our customers who need a bit of extra storage around the home. Half the length of a standard shipping container, they still offer ample storage space while delivering the height of a full container, or even more for a high cube.

20ft Container from NZBOX

20ft Container

20ft Containers are your standard-sized shipping container used throughout the world for the safe and secure transport of goods. Available in a range of grades, the 20″ is the most popular choice of container for freight and storage, suited to a variety of needs.

40ft Container

40ft Containers are a great solution when you need more storage than a standard container, offering twice the space and capacity. Available as factory new one way trip or used, these containers offer generous safe and secure storage for those larger spaces.  


Reefer containers are insulated containers with a refrigeration unit and are a great solution for the transport/storage of perishable goods. All reefer containers get a pre-trip inspection to ensure your container is ready to plug in and run on delivery.

High Cube container from NZBOX

High Cube

High Cube containers are 300mm taller than a standard container in height and are made to accommodate oversized goods and items. They also give an increase in quantity and volume for smaller sized goods.

Double Door Container from NZBOX

Double Door

Double Door Containers have doors at both ends of the container making them more accessible allowing users to access the container at either end.

A dangerous goods container from NZBOX

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods containers are made for the safe storage and transport of hazardous and dangerous goods, compliant with health and safety standards.

Three Door Container from NZBOX

Hospitality Containers

NZBOX Hospitality Containers are a distinctive layout, unique to NZBOX. They have been designed to provide vendors with the work and bench space they need.

A flat rack container from NZBOX

Flat Rack

Flat Racks are the strongest containers available and are specifically engineered for heavy-duty goods and materials. They are also frequently used as temporary bridges.

An Insulated Container from NZBOX


Insulated containers are a great option when a consistent ambient internal temperature needs to be maintained. They are essentially non-operating reefer containers.

Bulkie Container from NZBOX

Office Containers

Our Office Shipping Containers come in High Cube and are perfect for those on-site offices and provide that portability to move to the next site.

Three Door Container from NZBOX

Three Door

Three Door Containers have two doors at one end and one door at the front end of the container making them extremely accessible and versatile.

Bulkie Container from NZBOX


Bulk Containers are designed for the carriage of bulk cargo which is not suitable for a standard shipping container and are incredibly robust.

Pallet Wide

Pallet Wide Containers are a special type of shipping container that are manufactured to maximise the number of standard sized pallets that can be stored and transported.

Open side container from NZBOX

Open Side

Open Side containers allow full side access and are the easiest containers to load and unload when oversized goods are involved.

An Open Top Container from NZBOX

Open Top

Open Top containers are another great option for oversized goods and top loading cargo and come with a tarpaulin for cover.

Frequently asked questions

What are your shipping container sizes?

Our containers are generally available in 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 10ft, 20ft and 40ft sizes. We also have high cube containers available which are taller (by 300mm) to accommodate oversized items. Our specific shipping container dimensions with load capacities are also available.

How do I know which container is best for me?

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, especially if you haven’t bought a container before.

We have all the essentials described in the section above but if you have any further questions feel free to give us a shout on the phone, email or via a quote form and we’ll do our best to give you specific advice based on your requirements and needs.

What are your shipping containers sale prices?

The cost of buying a shipping container varies depending on the size and type, condition and grade, modifications required, number of containers in the purchase etc.

Because of this, we prefer to understand your specific requirements first so we can send you the most precise quote we can. That way you can work this into your budget more accurately without having to worry about any unanticipated costs along the way.

Do you sell second hand containers?

Yes, we sell second hand containers as well as new containers with a total of five different types of container ‘grades’ to choose from.

Choosing the right grade is important so spend some time thinking about what your expectations are of the container. If you want your container to look great and keep the neighbours happy then we recommend going with a new one. If appearance is not important, you are on a budget and it doesn’t need to be wind and watertight then you should choose one of the lower grades like an economy grade.

Information about the different grades is available on the container product pages.

Do you hire containers as well?
Yes, we offer containers for sale and hire in New Zealand. If you require a shipping container for anything less than 18 months, we usually suggest hiring a container instead of buying one.

Of course, the choice is absolutely up to you. If you are interested in hiring a container, feel free to check out our container hire page.

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