$67.85 inc. GST

A quality padlock is essential when storing your personal or business belongings in a shipping container. NZBOX shipping grade padlocks provide peace of mind that your stored items are safe with a lock that is resistant to bolt cutters, hammers and drills, as well as being highly corrosion resistant.



Standard padlocks often do not fit inside a lockbox and tend to be of substandard quality, providing little resistance against thieves. At NZBOX we typically advise it’s not worth the risk and encourage our customers to use shipping grade padlocks to provide an extra layer of security for valuable items such as household belongings/building tools/farm machinery etc.


  • Material – Body / Shackle: 304 stainless steel
  • High corrosion resistant due to stainless steel
  • High corrosion resistant due to surface protection
  • Does not contain springs or pins that can jam for higher security and longer usage
  • Shackle Guard: Shackle access restricted protecting shackle from attack
  • Original disc cylinder with high precision and security
  • Drill protection: Cylinder is protected against drilling and leverage
  • Double bolted: Both sides of the shackle are secured by bolts or balls – increased protection against attacks and manipulation
  • Master Key (several locks with the same key on request)
  • Bolt cutter attack resistant • Cylinder is protected against tampering
  • 4 Tonne pull resistant due to the quality materials and design
  • Saw attack resistant
  • Hammer & impact attack resistant