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10ft shipping containers

If you are after a space saving solution, a 10ft shipping container is a great option. Homeowners and business owners find a wide range of uses for 10ft containers, including for storing goods and equipment, or even using as a temporary office space or garden shed! Hiring a container is the perfect way to keep your home or business organised.

10ft Shipping Container for Hire

Suitable for transporting cargo at sea or on land, a 10ft shipping container can withstand extreme weather temperatures. The high-quality materials used in construction result in a strong, weathertight container that is ideal for many uses. Whether you need extra storage at home, or a container to transport goods, a 10ft container is the perfect solution.

Made from tough Corten Steel, these containers feature steel frames, corrugated steel side and end walls, die-stamped corrugated steel roofs, wooden or bamboo flooring and double hinged doors.

  • Exterior has three coats of paint. Interior has two coats of paint
  • A secure lockbox
  • Full door seals to ensure the container is weather tight and vermin proof
  • Forklift pockets for easy moving
  • Double locking gear or easy opening door
  • We also stock a range of 10 foot speciality containers, from office containers to hospitality and dangerous goods containers. Check out our Speciality Containers page to see the full range.

Delivery Options: Hiab truck or flat deck, unless you have a forklift onsite.


Length 3029mm, Width 2438mm, Height 2591mm

Inner Dimensions

Length 2950mm, Width 2352mm, Height 2393mm

Our Range

If this shipping container is not quite the right size for your requirements, we have lots of alternative sizes available for sale including 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 9ft and 10ft containers. Of course, if you are looking for something bigger, we also have 20ft and 40ft containers for hire and sale. Looking for alternative sizes? Check out all our shipping containers for sale or hire or quickly view the most popular sizes below. We also have speciality shipping containers available for sale and hire including High Cube, Reefer, Dangerous Goods, Office Containers and Hospitality Containers.

Frequently asked questions

What are 10ft containers used for?

10ft containers are just as versatile as standard sized shipping containers (20ft) with the only difference being their capacity. The smaller size arguably makes them a more practical choice as they are able to be placed in a wider range of spaces while still offering good storage.

How much does it cost to rent a 10ft shipping container in NZ?

The cost of renting a 10ft shipping container will depend on a number of factors including the length of the hire period and the grade of the shipping container you are hiring. The easiest thing to do to find out the cost of hiring a 10ft shipping container from NZBOX is to complete our “Get a Quote” form which is quick and easy and we can get back to you with an exact cost.

What is the size of a 10ft shipping container?

Our 10ft shipping containers are one of the most popular containers we offer for hire at NZBOX and they have the following dimensions:


Length 3029mm, Width 2438mm, Height 2591mm


Length 2950mm, Width 2352mm, Height 2393mm

You can find out more about the dimensions of all our shipping containers on our dedicated Dimensions page.

How much can you fit in a 10ft shipping container?

A 10ft shipping container offers approximately 560 cubic feet of storage space, making it suitable for a variety of purposes. In terms of capacity, a 10ft container can typically hold 2 standard pallets side by side or accommodate roughly 60-70 cubic meters of cargo. This size is ideal for smaller storage needs, such as storing household items during a move, holding inventory for a small business, or serving as a compact pop-up shop or office space.

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We dealt with Reuben right from start from initial enquiry through to delivery. Reuben was excellent to work with from guiding us through the process of choosing the 10ft high cube, on confirmation for navigating our neighbour’s slightly inclined driveway for access & delivery and through to after sales.

Kroczak Family, April 2023

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