Shipping Container Relocations

The transport and removal of shipping containers has been a core part of our business for many years and NZBOX Shipping Container Relocations has become an important new service for our customers.

Moving your home or business with a shipping container

Why Choose Our Container Relocation Service?

Moving can be overwhelming, but NZBOX aims to reduce this stress significantly. Unlike traditional moving methods, our service allows you to pack your belongings at your own pace. This eliminates the rush and anxiety tied to moving day logistics and rental truck deadlines. Not to mention, it’s an approach that can save you money in the long run.

What Do Our Customers Say?

Moving house or your business using our relocation service couldn’t be easier and is a different way of thinking about a move. As well as removing a lot of stress out of the relocation process, it’s also a super-flexible solution in case there are any hiccups along the way.

This is what a recent relocation customer had to say:

“We had to move a house lot of goods from the North Island to the South Island with a 3+ months delay in knowing where to actually deliver it. NZ Box had the best service at the best price for our needs. They delivered the clean new container to our driveway. We filled it. They collected it and sent it South to a yard in the vicinity of our eventual location. The container stayed in the yard safely while we got ourselves sorted. When it came time to empty the container NZ Box organised the delivery to the new address. We emptied most of our items but had excess so NZ Box organised for us to retain the container in the local yard for another month while we sold and disposed of the excess. This worked very well for us and also saved heaps of hassle. Stuart was very easy to deal with, great communication, and generally a good bloke. I wouldn’t hesitate to use NZ Box again.”

Charity Tycer, February 2023

Another happy customer also had a similar experience:

We were moving from the North to the South Island and needed a way to store and ship the full contents of our previous home whilst our home in the South was being built. We contacted NZBOX not knowing anything about shipping containers much less the logistics required for relocation. Reuben, Stu and the team at NZBOX Ltd walked us through the details and did everything for us. Because of the delays in our home build, we needed to hang on to the container a couple months longer than we anticipated. Again the NZBOX team took the stress off us by allowing us to rent the container for that additional amount of time. We more than affirm that the NZBOX team go above and beyond for their customers. We highly recommend their service.

Elva Clarke, April 2022

So, if you are thinking about moving homes and want a flexible, cost-effective solution, get in touch with the team today and find out how we can help.

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Insurance for Your Move

To give you peace of mind, we’ve partnered with a third-party insurance provider. They can craft an insurance policy specifically for your container relocation needs, ensuring you’re covered every step of the way. For a free insurance quote, contact Scott Stephen at Runacres Insurance:

Please mention you are an NZBOX relocation customer for your personalised insurance plan.

How container relocation works


We send a truck

We send a truck with a shipping container to your house or business. We unload the container for you in the best possible position. You then pack at your own pace. It could take 1 day or 1 year. It’s up to you!


We arrange the transport

Once the shipping container is full and ready to go, we arrange the transport to your new location. If it’s close by we may use a truck for the full relocation. If you are moving further away then we will likely use a combination of truck/rail and/or sea.


We deliver and unload

Once the container arrives in your new town or city, we unload the container at your new premises.


You unpack

You then unpack the container at your own leisure. If you are hiring the container from us you can have the container for as long as you like and we’ll organise the shipping container removal when you’re done. If the container was sold to you, it’s yours to keep!

Get a quote for a Relocation today!

Our Relocations service is designed to take the hassle out of the moving process, with NZBox you can your move at your own pace without the time pressure of movers and transportation. Get in touch with us and we’ll talk you through the specifics based on your own circumstances and needs!

Frequently asked questions

Do you have different sized shipping containers?

We have 10ft, 20ft and 40ft shipping containers available for use in our NZBOX Shipping Container Relocations service. You can usually fit the possessions of a 3 – 4 bedroom-sized house in a 20ft shipping container as a good reference point to decide upon.

The measurements of our shipping containers are available should you need exact container dimensions.

What about different types of shipping containers?

We also have different types of shipping containers like insulated containers, side opening containers, double door containers and more. These ‘special containers’ can all be used as part of the container removals service.

Do you relocate containers nationwide and internationally?

This service is available nationwide and even internationally in some circumstances. If you’re looking to move overseas with this service, feel free to give us a call on 0800 818 818 and we’ll talk you through the specifics.

How much does shipping container relocation cost?

The cost of shipping container relocation depends on a few factors including the size of container required and the location of pick-up and delivery. You can get a quote from us, quickly and easily by using our online quote request form.

Can you pack the containers too?

Transport, loading and unloading are what we do best so we leave the packing and unpacking to our customers. This allows us to keep our (and your) costs down and takes away the pressure and stress of time where removal companies are involved.

Is there anything else to be aware of?

If the container is to be unloaded outside your property boundaries, you will need to ensure that you have permission from the local council to do so. We also recommend that you make sure you have insurance cover from your own private insurer.

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