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Shipping Container Delivery: options for delivery of containers in New Zealand

NZBOX is proudly New Zealand owned and operated and we work with a extensive number of transport providers throughout New Zealand to ensure the prompt delivery of all our shipping containers. Whether you are hiring or buying one of our new or used shipping containers, we work with you to ensure your container arrives on site in the best possible condition, and ready to be unloaded.

Shipping container delivery options

When it comes to delivering shipping containers in New Zealand, we have three options for delivery:

Swing Lift Container Delivery

Crane Truck (Hiab) Container Delivery

Flat Deck (Skeli) Container Delivery

Swing Lift Truck

The Swing Lift Truck is our most frequently used mode of container transport for both 20 & 40FT Containers. A Swing Lift Truck delivers a shipping container to site using hydraulic lifting arms at each end of the truck. Sometimes referred to as a Side Loader Truck, this method of delivery is ideal for sites where there is good site access and width of around 6m that allows for both truck and container side by side. Containers can only be swung off on the driver’s side of the truck. The swing lift simply places the container directly alongside the truck with no scope for manoeuvrability. This means it is important to consider how the container will be accessed once it has been delivered into place.

Hiab Truck

A Hiab Truck is the best option for shipping container deliveries where there are potential obstacles that could prevent access by a Swing Lift Truck or Flat Deck. Things like fences, walls, trees, decking etc can all prevent a truck from accessing a site and the Hiab Truck has a crane attached that can be used to lift your shipping container over any such obstacles. The Hiab driver is able to lift, turn and manoeuvre the container into position. The time and skill required for these deliveries does make them the more expensive option, but it allows container placement onto more complex and difficult sites. 6ft, 7FT, 8FT,9FT, 10FT can only be delivered and off-loaded with a Hiab Truck.

Flat Deck /Skeli Truck

As the name suggests, a Flat Deck Truck is a truck that has a flat bed bottom. It is the cheapest delivery option we offer at NZBOX, however, it does require the customer to have an on site crane or forklift in order to unload the shipping container from the Flat Deck Truck on delivery.

Important things to consider when arranging the delivery of your shipping container

Whilst the truck you use for delivery of your shipping container is important, there are a few other factors to consider when arranging delivery. It is always best to talk to the team here at NZBOX about your options to ensure we know what to expect when we arrive on site and so we can ensure the smooth delivery of your container. Here are a few factors to consider:

Delivery surface

Prior to delivery, it is important to ensure the surface where your shipping container will be positioned has been adequately prepared. Shipping containers need a flat, level surface and can often benefit from being placed on raised sleepers, treated timber or concrete pads.

During wet, winter months it is often too risky for trucks to access sites that require them to drive on grass, paddocks or potentially boggy surfaces. If the transport provider deems the site to be unsafe for delivery, an alternative delivery site/address will need to be provided.

Direction of your container doors

As we have touched on, this is particularly important if you are using a Swing Lift Truck for delivery. However, it is important for all customers to consider the direction in which the shipping container will face and where the doors will be accessed from. This means that when the container is delivered, it will have been loaded onto the vehicle in the correct position for delivery, making it easier for all parties.


Safety is the number one priority when delivering our shipping containers and it is important for us to understand any potential hazards that might impact the safe delivery of your container. Things like overhead wires, overhanding branches and low bridges can all cause potential issues so it is good if we can get all this information up front. This will allow us to recommend the best delivery vehicle for your container and ensure no delays in the delivery which could be caused by failed delivery attempts.

Once you have placed your order, we will be in contact to find out more about delivery location to ensure the smooth and seamless delivery of your shipping container.

You can, of course, talk to one of our team before you place your order if you have any questions or concerns about your shipping container delivery.

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