Rent to Own

Buying your own shipping container is simple with NZBOX Rent to Own. Perfect for families or businesses whose budget constraints mean an outright purchase is not a practical option – Rent to Own allows customers to essentially rent a factory new one way trip container, which after an agreed up on term, becomes theirs.

The NZBOX Rent to Own option was a fast favourite with customers, offering greater flexibility with a range of term options. Available out of all main centres across New Zealand, Rent to Own is one of our most popular choices for shipping container sales.

How rent to own works

Rent to Own is available in one, two, and three-year terms. We require a 20% deposit and first months rent paid in advance with a small interest rate applied. After the term has lapsed and payments completed, the shipping container is yours!

What if I’m already hiring a shipping container from NZBOX and want to buy it?

If you’re already one of our fantastic customers who is already hiring a shipping container and want to buy it – no problem. In most cases we can sell you the container or offer it to you on Rent to Own terms. Please contact one of our staff to assist you.

Rent to Own container delivery

Just like we do with all our other sales/hire options we make the delivery process (if required) as easy as possible. With our depots located nationwide, we’ll make sure it’s a smooth process from start to finish.

Get a quote for Rent to Own today!

Our Rent to Own option is a great way of easing your cash flow and an accessible way of owning your own shipping container today. Be sure to get in touch with us and we’ll talk you through the specifics based on your own circumstances and needs!