An Inspiring Father and Son Container Home Project!

September 14, 2020

When you’re a teenager, deciding what career path to follow can be a daunting task. When 15-year-old Sam Johnson from Helensville started thinking about the trades as a potential option, his father, Graeme, thought he would do something to help his son make an informed decision.

Graeme bought a brand new shipping container from us at NZBOX and together with his son have embarked on a project to convert it into a tiny home.

The ultimate learning experience

Graeme and his son are, by their own admission, not the most experienced builders around. They do, however, appreciate a good challenge and have done a tremendous amount of research, including engaging with the online community about things they haven’t done before, like welding.

The beauty of the project is that it involves many different aspects of the trades like prepping the site, carpentry, electrical work, welding and good ol’ Kiwi ingenuity like building a bed that lowers from the ceiling. It’s given Sam the perfect hands-on learning experience and opportunity to create something very impressive from scratch.

Challenges and pay off

With a project like this, there are always going to be challenges. Graeme has jokingly said “Tolerating a 15-year-old boy” has been one of the biggest as well as making sure he himself isn’t “Doing the doing” instead of Sam.

The videos they’ve posted on their YouTube channel proves this isn’t the case with Sam fully involved every step of the way.

Once the project is finished, they intend to sell the container home and once the costs to the parents are recouped, Sam will be able to use the rest of the profits to spend on buying a car.

As well as the positives of learning trades skills and making profits from the project, it has also been a fantastic bonding experience for father and son – a greater reward than all else combined.

Sam and Graeme’s story was recently featured on 7 Sharp which you can see for yourself below!


Sam and Graeme installing window frame to container home

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