10 Great Reasons to Hire a Shipping Container

November 29, 2021

If you’re wondering whether a shipping container is right for you or your business for the transport/storage of your goods, then look no further. We’ve been in the shipping container hire business for years, helping Kiwis with their container needs and requirements throughout New Zealand.

Hiring a shipping container can be more beneficial than most people think, with a wide range of uses and reasons for doing so. Below, you’ll find 10 great reasons to hire a shipping container, just to get you started!


1. Cost-Effective Solution for Storage


Saving money is one of the best reasons for doing anything, especially when it comes to one’s business.

For temporary storage, hiring a shipping container can be one of the most cost-effective ways you can go. As a matter of fact, our container hire fees start from as low as $3.00 per day (plus delivery fee). These days, that’s less than the price of a cup of coffee!

If you’re looking for a short-term solution for anything less than 18 months, the case is even more compelling, especially compared to buying one outright.


2. Convenient and Flexible


The first reason segues nicely into the second with convenience being another major advantage. Shipping container hire gives you the flexibility to rent a shipping container for the period for which it’s required. That means you’re not stuck with an empty container (or having to get rid of one) once you’re done.

The whole process of hiring a shipping container couldn’t be easier either. With depots located throughout New Zealand, we’re able to deliver them almost anywhere in the country (we’ll also pick it up at the end of your hire).

We aim to turn around requests for delivery as quickly as possible, typically after a few days of receiving your paperwork.


3. Excellent for Events, Festivals and Expos


For anyone who has attended any events, festivals and expos in recent times (sadly not those who’ve been in lockdown), you might have spotted converted shipping containers being used by the vendors in attendance.

In stating the obvious, it’s because they make excellent little spaces for serving customers and/or showcasing merchandise in a way that’s tidy, professional, and secure.

Given containers are made for transport, they are easy to move from one event to the next for those on the circuit.

Setup on arrival can also be done incredibly quickly meaning you can focus your energy on the busy day ahead.

With the country soon to be opening up again, we’ll be right back into it and you’ll be seeing them everywhere.


4. Seasonal Storage


Shipping container hire is especially useful for those who require storage on a seasonal basis which is a great many in an agricultural country like New Zealand.

The cost-saving advantages of short-term hires have already been covered but we also have specific types of shipping containers that are often ideal for the storage of seasonal goods.

One example is the insulated container, available in 20ft or 40ft, with heavy-duty insulation for those that require a consistent internal ambient temperature. These insulated containers are also wind and watertight giving your products/possessions great protection from the elements.

Individuals and businesses have used these products for certain types of produce, feeds, furniture, clothing – some have even been used as temporary wine cellars.


5. Temporary Storage of Frozen Goods


We also stock a great range of Reefer Containers (or refrigerated containers) for those who have perishable foods/produce or goods that need to be stored in a chilled environment for a period of time.

In peak season, popular restaurants and establishments often come to us with requests for Reefer Containers as they don’t have the fridge space in their kitchens to store all the stock they need for service.

Supermarkets and shop owners also do so for the same reason, seeing it as an easy and reliable solution, knowing their goods will maintain their freshness.

With a temperature-controlled range from +25°C to -25°C you can make sure your settings are precise and accurate at all times.


6. Temporary Bridges


A temporary bridge might seem like an odd inclusion for this list and one that shouldn’t seem to work on the face of it. However, there is a type of shipping container that can be used for this very purpose and that is the Flat Rack Container.

The Flat Rack Container is the strongest container available, reinforced and engineered for transporting heavy items and equipment.

Because of this, they are often also used as temporary bridges in construction, farms, and lifestyle properties with a payload of around 40-45 tonnes.

Compared with the cost and time of building a bridge which can be exorbitantly high, this is an incredibly appealing alternative.


7. Temporary Garden Sheds


Homeowners everywhere will know one can quickly run out of storage space for gardening equipment, sports gear, tools and other bits and pieces – even when you already have a garage and shed at your disposal.

An 8ft or 10ft shipping container makes the perfect temporary storage solution for you while you sort, rearrange, manage (or get rid of) your excess possessions.

They have all the strong qualities of regular containers but take up less than half the space, easily occupying a corner of your backyard without getting in the way.

For added security, they also come fitted with specially designed lockboxes, protecting padlocks from unwanted prying bolt cutters.


8. Temporary Cafes or Bars


Our range of Hospitality Containers are excellent, state-of-the-art products that are becoming increasingly popular during events and festivals but also for slightly longer pop-up seasonal placements too.

Available as both 10ft and 20ft versions, they come packed with features, perfect for setting up as cafes or bars. Serving windows, stainless steel countertops, double plug power points, USB power points, LED lighting, smoke alarms, fuse boxes, caravan plugs – the list goes on with everything you need to manage a fast-paced operation. Transport, setup and close-down are a cinch too, freeing up your time to spend where it’s needed.


9. Temporary Offices


High quality and reliable temporary workspace office solutions are vital for successful day-to-day operations and project planning, especially in the construction sector.

Old site offices are often dreary places but our Office Containers represent some of the newest and innovative products around, designed to meet all the modern demands of a busy office.

They are available in 10ft, 20ft and 40ft sizes and are equipped with features like Linoleum flooring, sliding windows, security bars, whiteboards, power points, LED light, USB port and more. The 20ft and 40ft also come with heat pumps to ensure a comfortable working temperature for all throughout the day.

The 40ft offices are big enough to accommodate meeting rooms and breakout spaces giving your team some great working options.


10. Storing Oversized and Bulk Goods


Managing oversized and bulk items can be a challenging proposition, especially when storage or transportation is required.

Our High Cube Containers are a great way to do both those things with an extra 1ft in height compared to a standard container for a total of 2.6m of internal height to work with.

Over the span of a 20ft container, this is also a significant amount more volume meaning those needing to store vast amounts of bulk goods can do so more efficiently from both a space and cost perspective. If you have more than you need for a standard container but less than you need for two, this is the perfect in-between choice.


Some Fantastic Reasons to Hire a Shipping Container


As you can see, there’s no shortage of great reasons to hire a shipping container for a wide range of purposes.

We hope that this has been an informative and inspiring read to help you make the decision that’ll be beneficial on so many different levels.

If you have any other questions or would like to discuss what’s best for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer-focussed team!



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