10ft Dangerous Goods Container

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A 10ft Dangerous Goods container is designed and constructed for the domestic storage of Class 3 flammables. These containers are built from high-quality and durable materials, making them safe for storing dangerous goods. With extra features to ensure safety, a 10ft dangerous goods container is a perfect solution.

Construction is similar to a standard shipping container but with some specific modifications.

  • Made from extremely tough Corten Steel
  • Exterior has three coats of paint
  • Forklift pockets (usually) for easy onsite moving
  • Discharge valves
  • Bund with metal grate floor
  • Internal emergency door release
  • Purpose built for chemical storage and the storage of other potentially dangerous substances such as paints, thinners, oils, diesels
  • Approved under HSNO Regulations

Delivery Options: Hiab truck or flat deck, unless you have a forklift onsite.