From Container to Tiny Home; An Inspirational Journey

April 8, 2021

In September last year, we shared the motivational story of a father and son, who were inspired to create a tiny home from a 20ft container, purchased here at NZBOX.

The Container Home Project

The idea for this project grew from 15-year-old Sam’s desire to pursue a career in the trade industry. Unsure of his exact career pathway, Sam’s parents had the brilliant idea of affording him the opportunity to learn by doing. Under the guidance and supervision of his Dad, Graeme, they gave him the valuable opportunity to plan, budget, build, and market a container home. It was an exciting day for NZBOX, to be able to deliver and crane the container onto Sam and Graeme’s perfectly prepared site, a process which the pair posted on their YouTube Channel:

Lessons Learned

With little building experience themselves, Graeme and Sam armed themselves with a significant amount of research on the subject. This newfound knowledge, kiwi ingenuity, and determination, saw the team turn this 20ft metal container into a functional home. As was the case for many others, we enjoyed watching Sam and his Dad’s progress. The guys posted regular updates on their YouTube Channel, as close to real-time as possible. Via this channel, they could draw on the advice, and guidance offered by those who left comments. Under the supervision of his Dad, we saw Sam learning skills such as welding, carpentry, plumbing, and the installation of electric wiring. It was lovely to watch Graeme encourage his son to problem solve, and it was fantastic to hear Sam declare “hard graft” as his most valuable lesson.

The End Product

After 10 months, the hard work has been worth it! The father and son describe a feeling of pride in creating a comfortable tiny home from a container. The by-product of this fabulous project was the bonding of a father and a son, learning and working together towards a common goal. Now listed for sale on TradeMe, the home contains inventive features, such as a double bed which can be pulled up to the ceiling when not in use, maximizing the available space. The home is also fully insulated, and has a functional kitchen, bathroom, and comfortable living room with TV. Graham hopes that the price of their hard work will be determined by the market. The container home is listed on TradeMe for $32,500, the complete cost of the build. During the process, Sam has also managed to attain a Learners Driving License. Profits from the sale will go towards his first car.

Needing more Inspiration?

Watch Sam and Graeme’s follow up interview on TVNZ’s, 7 Sharp: And see the end product of Sam and Graeme’s hard work here: To watch the whole series of videos posted by Sam and Graeme, click the link below:

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