5 easy modifications to update your container

May 4, 2022

Shipping containers are highly versatile and perfect for a range of functions. While they’re best known for their suitability for shipping and storage, they’re also easy to adapt and convert for a wide range of other uses.

If you’re using a container for its original intended purpose it will pay to extend its longevity by doing some maintenance. While shipping containers are hardy and long-lasting due to their robust construction and high-quality materials, that doesn’t mean they don’t experience wear and tear – particularly if they’re exposed to harsh outdoors environments.

And, even if your storage container is brand new, you may still want to make some updates to make it fit for purpose or add some personality or additional function to the structure. So, whether you need to restore your container back its former condition or add some extra function or pizzaz – here are five ways to update your storage shipping container.

Upgrade your flooring

The area of your storage container that’s likely to experience the most wear is the flooring. Whether it’s worn down from years of being walked on, it’s starting to split or warp, or it’s had few too many liquids spilt on it, it may start looking past its prime.

Fortunately, replacing flooring panels is easy with NZBOX’s Marine Grade Plywood flooring. This is the same flooring you’ll find in most standard shipping containers around the world, so you know it’s made to last. And, as they’re sold as individual panels, you have the option of replacing the whole floor or just the sections that have been hardest hit. We also supply the standard plywood screws you’ll need to secure them in place.

Give it a new coat of paint

Another way to spruce up your storage shipping container is to give it a new lick of paint. If your shipping container has been battered by the elements, the original coat of paint may have become tired and patchy and rust may be setting in. Repainting it will restore it to its former condition and help it last for years to come. However, it’s highly recommended to only use approved shipping grade paint.

If you’re planning on using your shipping container as an office space, you can also get the interior painted, so you’re not staring at the standard drab-coloured interior walls all day. Even if your shipping container is new, you may decide the original colour doesn’t match the look you want. In this case, container walls can be painted any colour you wish – as long as it’s the appropriate paint with correct surface preparation.

NZBOX offers a range of storage and shipping container painting options. We work with leading paint manufacturers in New Zealand to supply paint of the highest quality and which is suitable for use the specialised container industry. We can either supply the quantity of paint you need to cover your 10ft, 20ft, or 40ft container – or we can take care of the entire job and paint the container as well.

Make a statement with a branded banner

If painting your container isn’t enough to add some personality to your container, you can also add a banner. This can be designed to your exact requirements and cover one or two sides of the container. This is a great way of branding your container without making it a permanent feature.

If your container is in a prominent location, a container banner is also a great option if you want to turn the side of your container into advertising space for some extra income.

Install an extractor fan to reduce dampness

All shipping containers come equipped with passive ventilation pre-installed as standard. However, this may not be adequate for your purposes, so it may be worth upgrading your container ventilation.

For example, if you’re using your container for long-term storage, the ventilation is unlikely to be sufficient to prevent dampness and condensation, which could damage the items you’re storing. In this case, installing a wall-mounted extractor fan is a recommended storage container update option.

The fan will extract excess moisture from the container, reduce dampness and condensation, and protect the items you’re storing. An extractor fan may also be useful if you’re using the container as an office space, as extracting heat and humidity will make the space more comfortable for those working inside.

Add some shelving

One of the downsides of a shipping container is that it starts out life as an empty shell. This is great if you’re using it to hold large items like cars or machinery, or if you’re using it for long term storage. However, if you’re planning to use it for storing items that you’ll need to access frequently and want everything to be easily accessible, shelving units are a good option.

Container shelves can be configured to whatever depth, height, or length you need, and they can be made to fit your 10ft, 20ft or 40ft, standard height or high cube container to solve any storage challenges.

You can even choose between MDF shelving or wire mesh deck shelving, which helps with dust control and fireproofing. These shelves have a load capacity of 650kg, which makes them ideal for storing almost anything.

Storage containers don’t need to be ‘how they come is how they are.’ Above are just five ways you can turn your shipping container into something that meets your needs better. If you have any specific requirements to personalise or upgrade your shipping container get in touch with the team at NZBOX and we’ll see what we can do to bring it to life.

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