9 benefits of a shipping container office

March 21, 2022

Shipping container site offices are a hallmark of construction sites. And for good reason. They’re durable, easy to transport and make great temporary or semi-permanent offices when a more ‘traditional’ office isn’t an option.

Today, we’re seeing shipping container offices, and even homes, popping up in places other than construction sites. Temporary modular shipping container offices, for example, are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer more flexibility than a traditional office situated in a fixed location.

Shipping container offices in the backyard are also increasing in popularity, as more people work from home but don’t have the space inside their dwelling to set up a temporary or semi-permanent office space.

Everyone who has gone the route of using a shipping container as an office has realised the benefits they offer. Here are a few:


1.  Flexible


One of the biggest draw-cards of an office module shipping container is the flexibility it offers. Containers come in a range of sizes, to suit almost every need.

2.  Various sizes and specifications


As shipping containers come in a range of sizes, so do shipping container offices. Sizes include 10ft, 20ft and 40ft in length, in high cube, which offers more headspace and a more open and airier feel.

So, whether you’re looking for an office that’s just for you, or for you and several colleagues, you’ll find a container office that you’ll fit your plans and purposes.


3.  Easy to configure


If you have a larger team, shipping containers are also easy to construct as modular shipping container offices, which can be easily stacked and arranged as your needs dictate. And, when you need to switch things up a bit, or you’re moving to a new site – for example, if you’re in the construction sector – that’s simple to do too. It takes minimal effort to break down your current configuration and set up a new one.

A 20ft or 40ft container office can also be designed to accommodate multiple spaces within a single unit.


4.  Available long term or short-term


Most office leases don’t offer a great deal of flexibility when it comes to rental terms and you’re often tied to a minimum lease period. If you’re unsure exactly how long you’ll need an office for, office container hire could be a good option. While there is generally still a minimum hire period, this tends to be for months, rather than years. Plus, if you find you need your office container for a bit longer, an office container hire company like NZBOX can easily extend your contract.


5.  Modified to suit your needs


Your shipping container office can be modified and fitted with whatever you need, including plumbing for bathrooms and washbasins. And, if you need more windows, doors, or an air conditioner installed, this is possible with an office container hire or buy.


6.  Easy to acquire and set up


As well as offering a great deal of flexibility, a shipping container office is a great choice if you need office space in a hurry. An office container company like NZBOX is able to deliver your shipping container site office within a short period of payment being finalised. This means your new office can be up and running within days.

You will often also be able to choose between new or used container offices, which gives you added affordability. If you’re not wanting to commit to the long-term cost of buying a shipping container office, hiring a container box office is often less than a traditional office space lease.

And, if you’re needing an office container in a remote location, you can be up and running a lot quicker than if you had to find a more permanent location or build your own premises.

Office containers are also well known for quick delivery turnaround times. Because they’re a standard size, they can easily fit onto the back of a container truck and be delivered where you need them.


7.  Can withstand the elements


Shipping container offices are made from the same materials as all shipping containers, which means they’re robust and can withstand extreme weather, temperatures, and conditions.

Along with their robustness, shipping containers designed as offices often come pre-installed with air conditioning units, insulation, access doors, power outlets, and USB plugs, which make them ideal working spaces.


8.  Secure


When you look at an office container, you can see very clearly that they’re designed to be very secure. Aside from metal walls, they can also come pre-fitted with additional security features.

For example, windows can be installed with security bars and the doors can be fitted with lockboxes, making illegal entry almost impossible. This makes them ideal for building sites or other locations, where extra security is needed.


9.  Suitable for backyard location


Over the past couple of years, many of us have become accustomed to working from home, and the benefits and drawbacks that arise from these arrangements. One drawback may be the lack of a quiet space in which to do focused work.

A backyard shipping container office may be an answer, while still giving you all the comfort and convenience that come from working from home.

By setting up your office in your backyard, you’re freeing up space in your home, while you also get some quiet space to focus on your work, with fewer interruptions. If you do return to working from an office location permanently, a shipping container office is easy to remove.

So, whether you’re looking to set up an at-home office, or you’re looking for a more flexible option to locate your team, it’s worth considering a shipping container office as a solution.

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